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“The Future of Case Study in Indonesia: A Puzzle to Be Solved?”

Jakarta, 4 Juli 2012

Gathering Room, 8th Floor

Gedung Bina Manajemen B, PPM Manajemen

 The 2nd PPM Case Symposium held in 4 July 2012 was a place for participating students, practitioners, academicians, and public participants to share information on usage and development of management cases in Indonesia.

This event presented Sari Wahyuni and Johari Zein as the speakers. The speakers shared information on management case making including its usage and benefits that can be taken through management case writing.

This event was attended by participants from 23 institutions with various backgrounds and 12 management cases were presented here. Through the 2nd PPM Case Symposium,   participants gained knowledge and information on the newest development on management cases which in turn would be useful in business schools.  In addition, the participants had the opportunities to present results of case writings in front of emminent academicians and practitioners and to increase insight and analysis abilities on management cases and ability to contribute to management case development in Indonesia.

The symposium was also useful for corporate practitioners interested in contributing to the ernrichment of local cases for management learning process in Indonesia. In addition, the practitioners had also the opportunities to get information on management cases in Indonesia and to gain inputs on decision making and applicable business strategies.

STM PPM students won the prestigious event: The 3rd PPM Business Case Competition

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Business Case Competition (BCC) is a yearly competition event held by Research Center and Case Clearing House (RC-CCH) of PPM School of Management. This was the third year for BCC with the theme “Future Business Leader : Innovate to Lead”. In the third BCC, the participants were challenged to solve a case of PT. TIKI Jalur Eka Nugraha (JNE). The participants consisting of bachelor degree (S1) program students from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) and West Java regions presented innovative and strategic ideas that can make a company more superior than its competitors. The finalists of the competitions were tested not only for written analysis skill but also in a series of debate sessions among finalists and in business presentations in front of the business practitioners and academicians to defend their ideas.

BCC 2012 Organizing Committee Chairman, Pepey Riawati Kurnia, said that the cases selected to be the subjects of discussion in each BCC were intentionally sourced from local companies. “In addition to produce local company cases as learning materials, this event is also aimed at sharpening the ability of students in analyzing a business case.”  This activity was participated by 63 teams, proving that this competition is highly attractive to relevant students. Among 63 teams registering and presenting analyses/researches on the case provided, only 9 teams became finalists and competed in the final session (debate and question & answer sessions) to be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th winners, which was held on 31 May 2012 at PPM School of Management, Jalan Menteng Raya No. 9-19 Jakarta Pusat.

Pepey revealed that to select the winners, the appointed judges chose some criteria. “The assessment criteria include student’s creativity in providing solutions, relevance of the solutions provided in their applications, analysis depth, and teamwork”, she explained.  The result of final assessment determined the winners as follow:

1st Winner: PPM School of Management (Hari Putra Prakarsa, Arief Rahman Saleh, Yessica Chandra);

2nd Winner: Universitas Padjajaran (Ahmad Novel Jr, Fransisca Leonita, Dwi Ayuningtyas);

3rd Winner: BINUS University (Rosnalia, Raden Radite Ajie Pamungkas, Kartika);

4th Winner: Universitas Al-Azhar (Rizqi faisal, Syantie Nurmalasari, Sita Ayu Astrellita).

The winners received cash prizes, for the first winner Rp 12,000,000; the second winner Rp. 9,000,000; the third winner Rp 6,000,000, the fourth winner Rp 4,000,000, and no less interesting was scholarship Rp 10,000,000 to continue Master of Management study at the Wijawiyata Manajemen -PPM School of Management program.

The launching of Research Center and Case Clearing House Website

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Research Center and Case Clearing House (RC-CCH) has several programs in developing research and management cases. To support the existing working programs, RC-CCH has launched this website. It provides information on news, research activities, and cases that will be and is being worked out by PPM Manajemen and RC-CCH in 2012.

As we know, RC-CCH is a unit in PPM School of Management (STM PPM) and was established in 2007. RC-CCH was designed  to encourage research and management case production at world level which would support the learning and teaching processes in the management science development.

A lot of RC-CCH programs in 2012 were carried out to develop global-oriented cases and researches. One of the new RC-CCH programs was Case Writing Workshop in cooperation with Asian Institute of Management (AIM),  the Philipines. There was also a Visiting Professor program where RC-CCH invited experts to share knowledges, methods, and experiences in management. In addition, there was also a case competition program routinely held yearly by STM PPM, Regional Business Case Competition  for Southeast Asia region.

This RC-CCH website presents not only news and information on activities but also provides services on the launching of case catalogue and research journals. Other programs were Business Case Competition for Bachelor Degree (S1) program students, Case Symposium, Research Confererence at Indonesia level, Encouraging Research, and Research Socialization.

The 3rd PPM Business Case Competition – JNE : Toward a World Class Logistic Company

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The 3rd PPM Business Case Competition in cooperation with PT Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) presented a management case based on the existing condition of JNE market. As we know, JNE is one Indonesian company that has grown very rapidly and become one of market leaders in the express delivery industry.

PT Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir was established on 26 November 1990 by Soeprapto Suparno. This company was initiated as a division of PT Citra van Titipan Kilat (TiKi) operating in the field of international courier service.

With eight people and Rp 100 millions capital, JNE began their business activities focusing on handling custom clearance, import of goods, documents and their deliveries from abroad to Indonesia.

In 1991, JNE expanded its international network by joining the association of Asian courier companies (ACCA) based in Hongkong, later giving JNE an opportunity to expand its delivery area to all over the world.

Due to the competition in the domestic market, JNE also focused on expanding its domestic network. With TiKi’s domestic network and name, JNE gained an advantage in domestic market competition.  JNE also expanded its scope of services with logistics and distribution.

For years later both TiKi and JNE developed and became two companies with different directions. Therefore, the two companies became competitors to each other. Finally, JNT became a separate company with its own management. JNE created its own logo and differentiated itself from TiKi.

Entering  its 21st  anniversary, the courier company JNE is ready to enter logistic market. In its early period of establishment, JNE ran imported goods develivery business in 1990. In 1996, it entered domestic business. Currently its income growth has reached 25%-30% since 2009 period. Current JNE’s service products are among others money transfer service, food delivery service (Pesanan Oleh-Oleh Nusantara, PESONA), land delivery service (trucking service), moving service, air & sea cargo services, escort service, and custom clearance.

The Return of Business Case Competition and Regional Business Case Competition

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PPM School of Management (STM PPM) through Research Center and Case Clearing House (RC-CCH) in 2012 held again 2 management case competitions for the third time, The 3rd PPM School of Management Business Case Competition (BCC) and The 3rd PPM School of Management Regional Business Case Competition (RBCC). In 2012 RC-CCH held BCC with a case from JNE and RBCC with  a case from Taman Impian Jaya Ancol.

BCC is a management case competition among Bachelor Degree (S1) program students in Indonesia. Meanwhile, RBCC is intended for post graduate (S2) program students in Southeast Asia region.



Photos The Finalists The PPM 2nd Regional Business Case Competition in 2011

Photos The Finalists The PPM 2nd Regional Business Case Competition in 2011

The companies whose cases are written as competition cases are Indonesian companies. This writing is aimed at building awareness among Indonesian students that many domestic companies have succeeded and performed not less excellently than big companies from abroad.

RC-CCH previously held BCC in cooperation with Cipaganti Group and Tempo Magazine. Meanwhile, RBCC succeeded in writing the cases of Garuda Indonesia and Tiga Pilar Sejahtera (TPS). The cases written were comprehensive management cases and categorized into grade A cases, involving complex data and requiring deep analyses from the competition’s participants. The Garuda Indonesia case was published in Emerald Case Journal and can be seen by students and case writers around the world


Visiting Professor: Program RC-CCH Untuk Mengembangkan Ilmu Pengetahuan

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In order to implement its commitment to develop cases and researches at the global perspective, Research Center and Case Clearing House (RC-CCH) held a program called Visiting Professor in 2012. This was a program in developing researches, sciences, and methods by inviting experts from Indonesia and abroad.

In early 2012, RC-CCH held the Visiting Professor program twice, by inviting David Gurteen, an expert of Knowledge Café and Professor Carmine Bianchi with his System Dynamics. These activities were held as an internal development program of PPM Manajemen, intended for professionals and special staffs of PPM Manajemen and students of PPM School of Management.

On 3 February 2012, David Gurteen from Coventry University, UK, presented a very interesing method called Knowledge Café. It is a discussion method aimed at developing knowledge of its participants on an issue by using an open and deep discussion approach towards the issue of duscussion.

Photo Discussion with David Gurteen Knowledge Cafe

Photo Discussion with David Gurteen Knowledge Cafe

The program entitled A Different Way to Deliver Knowledge Management took place in a very interesting way. The participants were given a theme concerning the use of discussion in daily activities. The new approach in Knowledge Management was introduced in an exciting way and the participants gained a new experience in the discussion process.

Later on 9 February 2012, RC-CCH presented Professor Carmine Bianchi from University of Palermo, Italy. He is one of officials in System Dynamic agency from Europe. The participants gained knowledge about Performance Management Using System Dynamics.

Foto Professor Carmine Bianchi dalam seminar di PPM

Foto Professor Carmine Bianchi dalam seminar di PPM

This Visiting Professor program received positive appreciation from the participants and would be continuously conducted by RC-CCH as its commitment in developing internal knowledge of PPM Manajemen.