RC-CCH Profile

Research Center and Case Clearing House

PPM School of Management


To become a reputable Research Center and Case Clearing House in South East Asia, commited to the advancement of learning and teaching in business education and strives to promote leading management thinking through research on the latest practices in the Asian business environment.



  • To produce management research products that fulfill high quality and international standards in order to build the reputation of PPM School of Management as the best (largest) research center in South East Asia.
  • To produce management case studies that fulfll high quality and international standards in order to build the reputation of PPM School of Management as the best (largest) case study clearing house in South East Asia.
  • To disseminate management research and case study research and case study results (products) through conference and high quality journal.


Research Center

In accordance with the mission of RC-CCH, namely producing management researches with an international quality standard, RC-CCH becomes the driving force of research activities in PPM School of Management. RC-CCH is a knowledge development center and a unit that supports the improvement of research capability of the students, faculty staffs, and all employees in PPM School of Management. The effort is realized through a series of activities such as qualitative and quantitative research training which is participatedby PPM Management employees. This training is started initially with deciding the research theme up to the output of the research result, complete with the data, analysis, interpretation, and conclusion. Training materials are delivered by qualified Professional Experts. Research training is also given to students in order to strengthen and complement the knowledge gained from the research methodology lecture, so that later the students will be able to make a good research proposal as a part of their final project preparation.

Case Clearing House

Partnering with the leading local companies in Indonesia, RC-CCH has produced high quality management cases that are useful for improving the concept and developing the management science in Indonesia.

Garuda Indonesia, Cipaganti Group, Tempo Inti Media, and TigaPilar Corporation and other companies are willing to be the objects of management cases written by the writing team under the coordination of RC-CCH. The special thing as Case Clearing, RC-CCH has a release statement for the case being made so that the content of the case has been approved by the related company to be used by RC-CCH.

RC-CCH achievement in case writing is also marked by the publication of Garuda Indonesia and Tempo Inti Media cases in the international journal EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES. This is in line with RC-CCH’s mission as a place to create international quality cases. With the publication of Garuda Indonesia and Tempo Inti Media cases, then they are worth using as references for analysing the application of international management science concept.



Rike Penta Sitio, M.M
RC-CCH Manager


Rosita Fitriyani S.E
Journal and  Research Development Staff
(Research assistant)


Dhinar Pasuria Silalahi S.Pi
Case Development Staff


Musa Anggiat Hendri Bukit S.E
Journal and Research Development Staff