In accordance with the mission of RC-CCH, namely producing management researches with an international quality standard, RC-CCH becomes the driving force of research activities in PPM School of Management. RC-CCH is a knowledge development center and a unit that supports the improvement of research capability of the students, faculty staffs, and all employees in PPM School of Management. The effort is realized through a series of activities such as qualitative and quantitative research training which is participated by PPM Management employees. This training is started initially with deciding the research theme up to the output of the research result, complete with the data, analysis, interpretation, and conclusion. Training materials are delivered by qualified Professional Experts. Research training is also given to students in order to strengthen and complement the knowledge gained from the research methodology lecture, so that later the students will be able to make a good research proposal as a part of their final project preparation.

The 4th Asia Pacific Research Management Conference (APMRC)