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“The Future of Case Study in Indonesia: A Puzzle to Be Solved?”

Jakarta, 4 Juli 2012

Gathering Room, 8th Floor

Gedung Bina Manajemen B, PPM Manajemen

 The 2nd PPM Case Symposium held in 4 July 2012 was a place for participating students, practitioners, academicians, and public participants to share information on usage and development of management cases in Indonesia.

This event presented Sari Wahyuni and Johari Zein as the speakers. The speakers shared information on management case making including its usage and benefits that can be taken through management case writing.

This event was attended by participants from 23 institutions with various backgrounds and 12 management cases were presented here. Through the 2nd PPM Case Symposium,   participants gained knowledge and information on the newest development on management cases which in turn would be useful in business schools.  In addition, the participants had the opportunities to present results of case writings in front of emminent academicians and practitioners and to increase insight and analysis abilities on management cases and ability to contribute to management case development in Indonesia.

The symposium was also useful for corporate practitioners interested in contributing to the ernrichment of local cases for management learning process in Indonesia. In addition, the practitioners had also the opportunities to get information on management cases in Indonesia and to gain inputs on decision making and applicable business strategies.

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