The Return of Business Case Competition and Regional Business Case Competition

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PPM School of Management (STM PPM) through Research Center and Case Clearing House (RC-CCH) in 2012 held again 2 management case competitions for the third time, The 3rd PPM School of Management Business Case Competition (BCC) and The 3rd PPM School of Management Regional Business Case Competition (RBCC). In 2012 RC-CCH held BCC with a case from JNE and RBCC with  a case from Taman Impian Jaya Ancol.

BCC is a management case competition among Bachelor Degree (S1) program students in Indonesia. Meanwhile, RBCC is intended for post graduate (S2) program students in Southeast Asia region.



Photos The Finalists The PPM 2nd Regional Business Case Competition in 2011

Photos The Finalists The PPM 2nd Regional Business Case Competition in 2011

The companies whose cases are written as competition cases are Indonesian companies. This writing is aimed at building awareness among Indonesian students that many domestic companies have succeeded and performed not less excellently than big companies from abroad.

RC-CCH previously held BCC in cooperation with Cipaganti Group and Tempo Magazine. Meanwhile, RBCC succeeded in writing the cases of Garuda Indonesia and Tiga Pilar Sejahtera (TPS). The cases written were comprehensive management cases and categorized into grade A cases, involving complex data and requiring deep analyses from the competition’s participants. The Garuda Indonesia case was published in Emerald Case Journal and can be seen by students and case writers around the world


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